Welcome Message

Oswaldo Mauricio González, Ph.D.
Director - Graduate Studies Centre
Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE

As head of Graduate Studies of the Armed Forces University ESPE, it’s a privilege to welcome all of you to our Centre. Our academic and research programmes have been thought and planned to provide systematic education so that you can become independent specialists by adding to what you have learned with additional knowledge and essential skills for academic and research activities. Indeed, you will be educated to create your own plans, perform creative activities and apply your acquired expertise into the real life. Throughout each graduate program, you will have to find your own “questions” first, not bound by academic history, the established academic frameworks or the fashionable academic areas that many scholars are pursuing. This may be the hardest part of it; then, you must keep thinking about how to tackle your own study themes and what viewpoints should be used, night and day in your everyday life as graduate students.

The global society currently has a sense of stagnation and, therefore, requires leaders with a comprehensive perspective, flexible way of thinking and the spirit of tackling difficult challenges. I hope that you learn to become, not only local but world leaders in your area/s of expertise. There is still plenty of knowledge waiting to be unveiled out there. We, including you, have to open the future by ourselves. I usually compare life to a tree. Fertile soil is critical for a tree to grow tall and strong. It would not grow properly if it is just watered without fertilizing the soil. From this perspective, our academic staff are also making efforts to fertilize the soil, namely the University. I hope that you also make efforts to develop your roots deeply and absorb the academic nectar of the colourful flowers created by your predecessors to grow into even stronger trees of life.

Be ready to cope with the great challenges and common adversities of the higher education system. I sincerely wish you the best of luck throughout your academic journey with us. Congratulations on your enrolment in the Centre of Graduate Studies.


Professor Albert Einstein