Please find below a guide to our Graduate Programmes - Admission Process.

Register your data in the following links:



All potential students interested to apply in one of our programmes should register at the following link:   REGISTER NOW

Candidates for programmes must register their personal data at the AUTOSERVICIOS link. At the end of the registration, the candidate must print the supporting document issued by the Academic System – banner autoservicios.

Any concerns about the online registration, please contact Abg. Liceth Mera to the e-mail: or the phone number: (02) 3989 – 400 Ext. 2545/2546.

  • Registration Fee: The payment has to be done at any Banco Pichincha branch nationwide, show your original ID and proceed with the payment of USD 93.75, the alternative payment method is by credit card, exclusively from Banco Pichincha (Diners, Discover, Visa and Mastercard).

          Banking entity: Banco del Pichincha.

          Fee: USD 93.75

The receipt issued by Banco del Pichincha will be required at the exam venue.

The registration fee will be NON-REFUNDABLE.

The test and interview will be held on the dates mentioned in the schedule. The results of the selection process will be sent to the applicants, via e-mail.

The selection of candidates will be carried out using two evaluation instruments:

  1. Assessment of knowledge
  2. Personal interview (Candidates who pass the knowledge assessment)

The Postgraduate Centre – Academic Secretary –  will verify the compliance  of the enrollment requirements of all the candidates accepted in the program..

Postgraduate Enrolment Requirements: 

The documents  will be delivered in a cardboard folder (BLUE color) with 9 plastic sleeves, properly numbered with stickers in the following order:

  1. Data Sheet,  must be filled by computer and printed.


  1. Third Level Degree – one notarised copies.
  2. Copy of the Degree Registration – SENESCYT.
  3. Identification card and  ballot document or military credential , in case of being a foreigner, present a passport copy
    -notarised copies. 
  4. CV, must include the following information: full name, ID number, home address and work address, home and work phone number, mobile phone number, personal and work e-mail, among others. No backups required.
  5. Photographs with formal attire (military men, 4-A uniform), postal sized colour photograph -half body- and four colour American-passport sized photos , on matt paper not glossy, white background.
  6. Certificate of Proficiency in English or foreign language diploma – notarised copy, granted by a University.
  7. Empty plastic sleeve.
  8. If the applicant has got a scholarship from the University, the applicant must show the Principal’s Order, or the authorizing document if it is from another official body.

Empty sheet protector

If the applicant has a scholarship from from ESPE, must refer the Rectorate Order, or the enabling document if he from other oficial organism.
Any concert regarding the documentation, will be communicated with:

(List of Institutes and Universities approved by SENESCYT)

Abg. Liceth Mera


Telephone: +593 2 3989 – 400 Ext. 2546.

Once the Academic Secretary approves the enrolment requirements, you will be able to proceed with the payment:

Banking Entity: Banco del Pichincha.

Beneficiary:  Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE

  • The complete folder will be received by the Academic Secretary after showing the original receipt.
  • Academic Secretary:

Liceth Mera +593 2 3989 – 400 Ext. 2546

Attention Hours: Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 13:00 – 14:00 to 16:00

  • Treasurers Office:

Ing. Marco Quinga. (02) 3989 – 400 Ext: 385,

Mr. Juan Manuel Carrera (02) 3989 – 400 Ext. 386

Attention Hours:

Administrative Building: monday to friday from 7h00 to 16h00

Academic Information:  Please contact the programme coordinator.

General Information:

Marketing – Graduate Centre

Attention Hours: Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 13:00 – 14:00 to 16:00.