Mauricio Gonzalez

Tcrn. Mauricio González. Ph.D. Director-Graduate Studies Centre

Ph.D. in Plant Biomechanics and Applied Biomimetics from the School of Sciences and Engineering, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. Currently working as Head of the Postgraduate Center of the Armed Forces University – ESPE in Ecuador. Extensive experience in multidisciplinary research approach in different areas like biology, mechanics of biomaterials, structural analysis, computational programming and finite element modelling. Author of several publications related to the form-structure-function relationships in palms, for example: “Cocowood Fibrovascular Tissue System—Another Wonder of Plant Evolution”. At this time his researching it’s based on cocotimber nano-polymeric lightweight bidirectional sandwich-like structure particle boards with improved mechanical, acoustic and thermal properties, made of coconut veneer dusk and latex, as alternative for eco-friendly building applications in high seismic risk regions.