Form academics and professionals of excellence; generate, apply and disseminate knowledge in order to propose and implement alternative solutions to different problems of public interest in their influencial areas.


Leader in managing knowledge and technology in the Higher Education System, internationally recorgnized and a point of reference in regards to the practice of ethical and civic values to serve the society.

  1. Being an inclusive university, with the participation of the three areas of the Armed Forces and Society.
  2. Being a university that promotes the integral development of the human being: with the practice of values, and the generation of knowledge together with art, sports and culture.
  3. Being a university that generates the necessary resources to provide education of great quality.
  4. Being a university that promotes the management of knowledge, the development of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  5. Being a dynamic university that applies quality control in all its academic processes,  both research and administrative.
  6. Being a university with transparent actions, fully reporting to society.
  7. Being a university that applies NTICs in all its processes and scientific and technological convergence NBICs.
  8. Being a university that works intensely in the efficient management of projects.
  9. Being a university that applies the virtuous cycle of a brilliant organization.
  10. Being a University that respects fundamental rights, socially responsible and of public service.

The Armed Forces University ESPE conducts and develops its events and procedures through the following principles:

  • The Institution is due fundamentally to the Ecuadorean nation; it guides all its efforts towards the development of the country by contributing to the solution of the problems through the professional and technical training  of the population.
  • ESPE University is an open institution to all tendencies of universal thoughts, without political or religious proselytism.
  • The permanent pursuit of excellence through the quality practice culture in all its acts.
  • Conscious, participatory and critical formation with academic freedom and scientific rigour, that understands and respects the fundamental rights of the human being and the community.
  • The cultivation of moral, ethical and civic values, respecting human rights with profound citizen awareness; contributes to the search for the truth and forms free and disciplined men of honour.
  • Keeping our national identity background to increase the pride of who we are and thus our projection to the future.
  •  The conservation, protection and caring of the environment and the rational use of natural resources.
  •  The practice of traditional values such as order, discipline, loyalty, justice, gratitude and respect, in context of responsibility, honesty, self-control, creativity, democratic spirit, solidarity and solving problems through the dialogue.

The behaviour of each one of our university members follow the practice of the institutional values ​​described below:

  • Honesty.
  • Freedom of thought, belief and religion.
  • Conscious order, punctuality and discipline.
  • Continuous search for quality and excellence.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Respect for people and human rights.
  • Recognition of will, creativity and perseverance.
  • Practice of justice, solidarity and loyalty.
  •  Practice of true friendship and camaraderie.
  •  Respect for the environment.
  •  Commitment to the institution and society.
  •  Institutional identity.
  •  Leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Critical thinking.
  • High citizen awareness.