Plant Biotechnology is an area that has a great potential in the productive development of the countries, constituting a valuable source of products with very diverse interest, among which are agri-food, pharmacological, ornamental, environmental and ecological use.
The University of the Armed Forces ESPE considers it important to support the development of the country through the Master’s Program in Plant Biotechnology, which is Full-Time from Monday to Saturday at the ESPE facilities, with a duration of two years.
The Degree awarded will be Master’s Degree in Plant Biotechnology in which you can choose between three specialty mentions: Biodiversity, Plant Health and Functional Genomics.
Biodiversity: Oriented towards the application of biotechnological knowledge in the area of conservation and management of plant genetic resources with emphasis on food security and the preservation of bio-knowledge.
Plant Health: Aligned to diagnostic techniques and to the analysis of infectious agents that attack plants.
Functional genomics: Focused on the evaluation of functional genomic techniques for genomic studies, gene expression and / or interaction together with sequencing analysis to determine their function.
The entry requirements are: Title of third level registered in the SENESCYT in biotechnology, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, ecology, environmental management, biodiversity and genetic resources, agronomy, agriculture, agricultural engineering, forestry, agro-industry. Sufficiency certificate in English language, endorsed by an accredited institution.
The graduate will be able to work in research centers or public or private laboratories within the areas of specialization, being involved in teaching, research and links with the community or may continue with doctoral studies at prestigious universities.
The master’s program has specialized researchers trained to coordinate the different mentions of the program. The professors who will teach the subjects have fourth level degrees, being mostly Ph.D.
We will work in collaboration with the research group of Cell and Molecular Biology of plants – BIOCEMP of the ESPE that has projects approved and in execution with internal or external financing, and with a group of professionals with recognized experience in research in this field.
The start of the program will be in April 2018 and the total cost of the master’s degree is USD 16500. The form of payment is 100% in Banco del Pichincha directly at the window, cash or by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Diners).}
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Topics: Biochemistry and Plant Physiology