FAQs - Registration Process

Enrolment Process

The suficiency in a foreign language is one of the pre requisites for registration, so you must have your certificate of sufficiency in a foreign language issued by a higher education institution recognized by SENESCYT.

At the end of the enrolment process, you must print the summary of the registration sheet, and present it together with the receipt, also bring the receipt to the exam centre.

On our website, you can find the link to each one of our master’s degrees, there, you will find the test information, such as day, time and classroom.

The admission schedule can be downloaded from our portal, where you can find out when are the payment dates established by the Graduate Centre. The payment should be done at any agency of Banco del Pichincha.

Each programme coordinator is responsible to send a list of topics to the registered potential students in order for them to prepare themselves for the exam.

You can fund the payment of your studies with Iece (now managed by Banco del Pacífico) or any other student loan, but you must consider that you must pay the entire tuition prior to enrolment. Otherwise you will not be able to enter the master’s degree as established in the internal regulation and the recommendation of the General State Comptrollership.

There is a brochure that can be download for each programme, there you can find the length of each course.

The classes take place normally saturday and sunday from 8 am to 6 pm. For further information please check the programme brochure.